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Runtime Code

Docket Cache runtime code is a small code that is loaded before WordPress loads its own configuration. By implementing it, we can manipulate WordPress constants without having to edit the wp-config.php file.

Any option in the Runtime Options requires this code, we do not place it automatically, we ask the user to take action.


When the user makes a selection in the Runtime Options section, Docket Cache will parse the contents of wp-config.php using the token_get_all function to match any constants associated with it. If no constant is found, it will prompt the user with the Installation box.

Users can choose either to do it manually or allow Docket Cache to do it automatically by clicking the Install button. The Install button only appears if WordPress has permission to write the wp-config.php file.

Runtime Code Installation


Alternatively, installing and uninstalling Runtime Code can be done using the action menu found on the right page. The process is the same with installation. Either a user can do it manually or allow Docket Cache to do it automatically by clicking the Un-Install button.

Uninstall Runtime Code

Runtime Options

Runtime Options is a configuration related to WordPress constants that can only be set at an early stage as in the wp-config.php file. Others custom WordPress such as Bedrock commonly is set in the config/application.php file

Runtime Options

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