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WordPress Object Cache Accelerator

Supercharge your website using a persistent object cache, accelerates caching with the OPcache backend. An alternative to in-memory cache solutions.

Cache with File Storage

Storing WordPress objects and variables into cache as PHP code files, eliminate the need to serialize and unserialize data.

Maximize OPcache Usage

Compiling and invalidating cache into OPcache is done carefully to avoid destructive caching behaviour.

Shared Hosting Friendly

Ready to use once activated, compatible with most hosting providers and low-spec servers.

Docket Cache Is Not a Magic Pill

That is definitely a brilliant way to convince others to use our plugin.

But let us explain, while we work hard to develop a great plugin to help you with caching and speeding up your WordPress site, there are many things need to take into account rather than just caching. Please do not expect that just by installing Docket Cache, you are going to get an A+ score on any page speed test.

However, when used properly, Docket Cache can truly help you with your WordPress site page load time and reduced the server workload.

How Does It Work?

There are many strategies to caching. There are page caching, CDN, object caches, static files and others.

First and foremost, you need to understand that Docket Cache is an object cache plugin, where object caching is a prime feature although it has plenty of option to boost your website. Therefore, it is not compatible with other installed object cache plugins.

Docket Cache works by storing WordPress objects and variables into cache as PHP code files. With PHP code files, you eliminate the need to serialize and unserialize data. The data can be used almost immediately by WordPress. Combined with the OPcache usage, it close to works like an in-memory cache.

Hosting Compatibility

We made Docket Cache compatible with most hosting environments. Whether standard installation, multisite or custom setup like Bedrock. That is one of the reasons we choose file-based caching.

With file-based caching, services like Redis or Memcache is not required. If your site hosted on a VPS, you can still make use of memory-storage for caching like RAM Disk. This gives it another boost of optimisation and performance.

Although it is a file-based caching, Docket Cache is well-coded and fully utilize OPcache to reduce excessive read-write operations.

You might want to try DreamHost Web hosting, Docket Cache has been recommended for your Object Caching needs.

Noteworthy Sponsors

A heartful thanks and appreciation.

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Open Source Project

Docket Cache is open-source software, contributed and sponsored by individuals and organisations. There is a lot of room for improvement and features to add, requiring countless hours dedicated to testing and development.

Become our sponsor to excite future development.

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